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How To Ask Someone If They Need Help (3 Incredible Tips)

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We live in a world that is plagued with challenges. It is very easy for us as human beings to feel that we are standing at a precipice of falling into a deep dark pit of the unknown, this feeling of helplessness can push many of us into that darkness of desolation.

I have found that in my life with all the unexpected twists and turns of emotional, physical, and financial difficulties it would have been easier to throw in the towel and fall into that deep dark pit that allows us as human beings to wallow in that negative feelings of sadness and depression.

As I look back, I think of the kind, caring souls that took the time to pause and lift me out of my feelings of futility and negativity.

I would like to share some ways of how to ask someone if they need any help.

Before we proceed, I think it’s important for me to mention that most people want to feel empowered and capable.

Pride and dignity may prevent them from opening up, let alone asking for help.

So, be conscious of that before you ask someone if they need help.

Pay attention to their demeanor, choose a location that is private and don’t be too forceful.

As long as your intentions are good, I’m sure that you’ll go about it in the right way. The last thing you want to do is embarrass someone by asking them if they need help at the wrong time or in front of the wrong people.

With that being said, let’s get straight into the meat of this article on how to ask someone if they need help.

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Ways To Ask If Someone Needs Help

ask someone if they need help, tips on asking someone if they need help, how to ask someone if they need your help

1. Don’t be confrontational or forceful

Never force a person to confide in you.

Instead, reassure them that you are there to support them.

Tell them you are willing to listen without being judgmental.

Some people depending on their emotional state may not be willing to be communicative but just being with them can be comforting.

It is extremely important to ask first if they would like to be hugged as some people just don’t like physical interaction.

When a person is struggling in any sphere of life, a simple hug or smile can spread warmth into their lives.

Invite them for a cup of coffee or a walk in the park if they’re receptive, these simple things, shockingly can make a person feel safe and cared for.

I’ve noticed how volatile certain people feel when they are going through a rough patch and need help.

You have to exercise a lot of sensitivity by approaching them in a relaxed, caring and considerate manner.

At the end of the day, you can only help people who want to be helped.

That’s why it’s so important to offer help in contrast to forcing your help onto someone.

More things get fixed when people work together willingly.

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2. Pay attention to them

The act of being with someone rather than all alone fighting their emotional battles can pull them out of their depression.

Being attentive is the key to getting someone to open up about their troubles.

This is the crucial factor that would make them appreciate the help that you offer.

I believe that when trust is established it gives any human being the motivation to try to find solutions to a problem.

Just being there can be a comfort to someone in distress.

When people feel like they are important enough to be focused on, it breaks down their walls.

To some degree, everyone wants to feel heard and understood.

Being approached by someone who is dialed in and cares about how we feel as much as they care about helping us can be the determining factor in whether we open up about our struggles or not.

Make eye contact, place a hand on their shoulder, give them a warm smile and validate what they’re saying.

3. Ask them questions

The quickest way to get someone to open up is to ask them questions about themselves.

Ease into it gently by starting off with simple questions about their feelings, their health and their life.

As they open up to you and exchange information, you can work your way towards asking them if they need help with a specific situation.

It can be too jarring and uncomfortable to delve straight into someone’s problem.

Even if your intention is to offer help, it may overwhelm the other person.

They don’t know your intentions as yet and they haven’t established enough of a rapport to decide on whether they can trust you enough to be forthcoming about their problems.

Sometimes, opening up about your own problems can create a safe environment for someone to be transparent with you about their problems.

Once you build some trust, it’s much easier to ask someone if they need help.

When you can be vulnerable around other people, they feel safe and comfortable enough to be vulnerable around you.

At that point, you’ll be perfectly set up to offer help.

Being of help to others heals our own souls

Don’t you think that reaching out a helping hand to a person battling drug addiction, cancer, or financial assistance can be the most rewarding experience for any person?

I have found that these simple extensions of help benefit from us in unbelievable ways!

Turning the other cheek and ignoring the plight of those around us is a surefire way to live a self absorbed and disconnected life.

Helping others helps us.

It creates a cornerstone in our hearts to be the best we can ever be!

The joy one feels is immeasurable when that person comes out of their struggle and becomes a functional person. For example, in the case of a rehabilitated drug addict, being able to support himself and make choices that enable him to live a clean life.

Loneliness and despair are all feelings that every one of us will experience in our lives at some point but to all the kind souls who take the time to stop and lift a person who has fallen and offer that help, you have helped save someone and you make the world feel less lonely.

Well done.


A parting question: Is it not our duty as human beings on this God-given earth to offer that helping hand? Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

Let me know your thoughts on this topic.

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