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Why Is My Crush Ignoring Me? (7 Major Reasons)

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why is my crush ignoring me

Having a crush is a thrilling experience but there are many downsides to it as well. Like not knowing if they’re ever going to pay you attention or getting your feelings hurt when they start dating someone else.

It’s sort of a roller coaster, one moment you feel thrilled to see them and then there are times when it feels like your world is crashing especially when your crush starts to ignore you.

Not knowing why they are ignoring you is an even worse feeling but there are a few possible reasons to consider that might give you an idea.

The main reason why your crush is ignoring you is either they are annoyed by the attention you are giving them or they do not want to be around you anymore because they don’t feel the same way about you. Other reasons include them not caring about you or what you feel and think or if the crush is mutual, they might be feeling too shy and embarrassed to be around you. Alternatively, they might be in a bad phase in their life and just want some space from everyone. 

It’s difficult to know exactly why someone is ignoring you in particular because it largely depends on the situation but here is a few more reasons that will help you decide if you should throw in the towel and let your crush go.

Reasons Why Your Crush Is Ignoring You

reasons why your crush is ignoring you

They Don’t Like You

The sad and honest truth is that they don’t really like you to extent that you may feel they do.

Sure, they may have shown a little bit of attention towards you but it could have meant nothing to them which is why they could have suddenly started ignoring you.

They could also feel annoyed by you having a crush on them and they want to distance themselves from you if the crush is known to them.

If they don’t really like you anymore and their actions indicate so, for example, ignoring your texts, calls, and not making conversation in person, then they do not want you like them anymore.

They Just Don’t Care

If your crush is known or unknown to that person, they probably don’t care that much about you. This is why you are often ignored by them since they aren’t interested in knowing what you have to say or think.

If you two aren’t close friends and you just have a crush on this person, then them ignoring you is simply because you aren’t as important to them and not a priority to make an effort.

They also might not be interested in creating a friendship either.

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They Started Dating Someone Else

A highly possible reason is that your crush started seeing someone else and this is why they are ignoring you.

They probably don’t want to hurt your feelings or their current partners by conversing with someone who has a crush on them. Or they don’t want to lead you on and prolong your crush on them.

They Feel Burdened By Your Attention

If you have a crush on your best friend that they are aware of and they start to ignore you, this is definitely a reason for concern.

They could be feeling burdened by your crush and not sure how to handle the situation especially if they do not feel the same way about you which can lead to feelings of awkwardness.

This could be straining on your friendship unless you two talk things out and come to an understanding.

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In the case of having a crush on someone you’re not close too and they know your feelings, this could also make them feel awkward and dislike the attention that they are receiving from you which is why they might start ignoring you so that they don’t have to deal with your feelings or the situation.

Some people are just not bold enough to handle these things.

It’s also possible that this crush is actually a kind person who doesn’t want to waste your time or lead you on.

They Might Have A Crush On You

A completely opposite reason from the ones above is that there might be a chance that they have a crush on you too and are unsure if you like them.

(However, it’s important to note that you should handle this reason with care because it might seem that way, you could never truly know how another person feels unless that tell you with certainty.)

This is why they might start ignoring you, either from feeling shy or afraid that you won’t like them the way they like you.

They Have Things Going On In Life

In some cases where a crush starts to ignore you suddenly is because they might have a lot of things going on in life that require their attention more than anything else.

This means they could be incredibly busy with work, school, and life where they don’t have much time to focus their attention on socializing.

There are Misunderstandings

Another reason why a crush is ignoring you is that there could be a misunderstanding between you two.

Perhaps you were discussing a certain topic and they misinterpreted your views.

The best thing you can do is try to ask them if something is bothering them to clear the air and if they continue to ignore you after you reached out, then unfortunately they are no longer interested for some other reason.

Things You Can Do To Feel Better

things you can do if your crush is ignoring you

I know it’s incredibly difficult to feel rejected by your crush and it will hurt for a long time, even more, if you thought you had a chance with this person.

However, holding onto a crush where the person themselves are not interested in you will only make you feel worse about yourself.

You may feel like it’s almost impossible to get over this person but with continuous effort, you absolutely can!

Here are a few helpful tips for getting over a crush:

Give It Time

Know that it’s not going to be an easy road but it’s one you can come back from. Your crush ignoring you will not break you as you are a strong person. Allow yourself to heal and accept your feelings. You will feel sad at times but you’ll also feel happy too.

There are moments where you will feel like you’re not good at anything and your self-confidence might take a knock.

It’s important to feel these emotions rather than fighting them because when you do overcome this, you’ll be surprised at how strong of a person you are.

Give yourself time to heal.

Talk To Someone

Talking to someone can also help you to make sense of the situation and they will be there for you when you need support. It’s a great feeling to be able to share your burdens with someone you completely trust and know that person has your best interests at heart.

Focus On Something Else

The best option is to remove yourself from being around your crush if possible. Not seeing this person often will make it easier for you to accept and move on.

However, if you do happen to see your crush again, keep reminding yourself that you will not pay attention or focus all of your attention on this person.

It’s best to keep reminding yourself that liking this person who doesn’t care about you is not worth your while.

Try to find new hobbies and invest your time in them. If you can find something that you really enjoy doing and you know all your attention will be solely on that activity, you’ll notice a huge change in just how much you stopped thinking about your crush.


If your crush is ignoring you at almost all your attempts, it’s best to move on.

This person no longer wants your attention or is interested in you. It’s hard to say for sure how they really feel unless you talk to them but if their actions are saying otherwise, there isn’t much of a choice for you.

The last thing you want to do is keep messaging or trying to get their attention as this can make them really annoyed at you.

Give them some time and try to be friendly again later on.

If they are still ignoring you after quite a bit of time has passed, it’s quite clear that they do not want your attention for whatever reason it may be.

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