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Can You Have Two Best Friends? (Pros and Cons)

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can you have two best friends

Having one best friend is a goal for many people but having the opportunity to have more than one friend is a true blessing you should grab.

Yes, you can definitely have two best friends rather than one. In fact, the positives of doing so outweigh the negatives. When you have two best friends, this means that you’ll always have someone around if the other isn’t available but the best part about two best friends is that the fun to be had is more thrilling.

However, there are a few challenges to consider. Here are the pros and cons of having two best friends that will help you decide:

Pros of Having Two Best Friends

pros of having two best friends

There’s always someone around

One of the best things about having another bestie is that when a friend is too busy to hang out or never has the time, you can always count on the other to be there.

If you’re going through a situation or hard time in your life, you won’t feel all out on your own because you know one of those best friends will be open to hearing from you.

You can be sure to rely on these friends whenever the time or situation calls for it and you’ll be there for them too.

You can form a deeper connection

When you really get to know someone and understand all their flaws and perfections, you’ve been through a lot with them and there’ve been there with you all this time, it’s an incredible feeling to have more than one person who you can experience this with.

Having two best friends give you that chance to discover more about others and yourself while also the way they influence your life for the better.

Greater chance of having more fun

In this case, three is never a crowd unless all the friends involved knows that everyone is equal and shares the same respect for each other.

You’ll know for sure that you’re never going to get tired or bored since they’ll be plenty of ideas to bounce such as, where to visit next, which movie to watch, or some new place to grab a quick bite at.

With the more friends you have, it’s sure going to be loud and fun.

There’s be a peacemaker to defuse conflict

Having a middleman to calm two friends down in a fight is great because that person knows both sides of the story.

If you have only one best friend, it’s easy for both of you to become stubborn and take longer to make up.

With another neutral friend involved, this person will encourage you guys to make up and see each other’s point of view rather than prolonging the fight. The quicker an argument can be resolved, the better it is for the friendship.

You’ll still have someone to go out

A friend who isn’t available to hang out or talk is quite normal especially when they have a lot of responsibilities on their plate or are busy with their significant others.

Having another friend who is available to be there feels like a relief. Especially, when you have problems or need someone to help you through a hard time.

Meals are cheaper if you split the bills

This may not be a big deal but it’s sure helpful sometimes. Going out with friends often can be a costly expense but when you have more friends around, splitting the bill into three makes it easier on your wallet.

Also, if you have no issue with sharing, you can order many different items on the menu and a greater experience of trying different dishes.

More perspectives to consider

Having more people to give you different ways of looking at a problem when you’re going through something can be a great help to find new solutions.

The third friend could come up with something else you and another friend may not have thought of. You’ll also be able to take their words into consideration rather than just following one friend’s advice.

Cons of Having Two Best Friends

cons of having two best friends

One of you might get jealous

It’s easy to get jealous when you notice that two of your other friends may share secrets with each other or know about something that you don’t.

Any of you could have a hard time feeling jealous when a particular friend gets more attention than you do. However, to avoid feeling jealous of your friends or think your friends don’t like you, brush it off, and focus on the positives.

Remember why you’re friends with them and what you like about them instead or talk it through to discuss why you feel a certain way.

Someone will feel left out

This is also a common situation that may occur is when you have to partner up for a project but the three of you can’t do it together.

One of you will feel left out when there’s an inside joke or if two particular friends start discussing a situation you weren’t around for.

It might become awkward if two friends are fighting

Fights are bound to happen even if it’s a petty fight but the bad part about this is that it may become awkward when neither friend wants to resolve their problems.

This could leave you feeling torn between the two and stressed or worried about what’s going to happen.

You’ll also find yourself not enjoying your outing because these two friends are generally unhappy with each other or having to divide your time to spend with each friend individually which makes it further difficult for you to deal with.

You might feel insecure if these two friends start dating

This may not happen often but if your two best friends start to date, this could very well make you feel like the third wheel.

You’ll also start to feel left out, jealous, and hurt when they don’t make plans to be with you but rather want to have their own date nights instead.

If these two friends break up, this could also pose a problem where they might not want to hang out altogether leaving you torn between the two.

In Conclusion

Having two best friends is great even though it poses a slightly negative aspect but you have to remember is that not every friendship is perfect and it’s not certain that you will experience any of these situations with your friends.

At the end of the day, the pros outweigh the cons but if you do for some reason experience any of the challenges, simply find a way to deal with it or find new solutions you can implement to avoid hurting any of your friends.

Being best friends with more than a person is guaranteed that you’ll have a larger support system in place and if you’re lucky enough to have good friends, it’s definitely worth going ahead with it.

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