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Do My Friends Actually Like Me? 17 Surefire Ways To Know

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do my friends actually like me?

You will meet many people but not all are meant to stick around and despite you not knowing, your friends might not actually be your real friends.

However, there might have been a feeling one day or a sudden thought that struck while hanging out with your friends, do my friends actually like me?

Friends who are supportive, kind, and make an effort to be around you are those that really like you. They enjoy being around you and want to spend more time with you whereas friends that dislike you are those that gossip, leave you out, never reply to messages, and generally show zero interest and have a distinct lack of empathy towards you.

I’ve put together a guide to help you discover if your current friends like you or not by showing you 9 signs of those who like you and 8 signs of those who don’t like you.

These tips will be a generous eyeopener when it comes to deciding if you should stick around or not.  

9 Signs of Friends Who Do Like You

signs your friends like you

They make an effort to be with you

One of the most common signs that your friends actually like you is when they actively pursue you and want you to join them in whatever it is.

This could mean them calling you up and making random plans to see a movie or eat a delicious meal.

These kinds of friends will never avoid you or cancel on plans continuously without a reasonable excuse and you know you’ve hit right when despite their busy schedule, they still want to catch up with you no matter what.

They enjoy your company

This relates to the sign above and goes hand in hand. If a friend finds your company enjoyable, they’ll always make an effort to grab another chance of hanging out with you again.

You’ll also be able to tell if you enjoy their company especially in terms of the environment and if the mood is great overall.

It won’t be a surprise if you find that your friends tell you how much they can’t wait to hang out again and start making future plans.

They talk about you in a positive light to others

A friend that really likes you will never backbite or tell lies when it comes to you but a good one will always have positive things to say about you.

The right friend will always paint a favorable picture of you to others and you’ll be sure to hear how impressed your friend truly is with you.

Even when you do have your bad moments, the friend who really likes you will never pass on those details to others but instead talk about the positive aspects that are truly representative of who you are.

They’re supportive and honest with you

It doesn’t matter if you’re complaining to them over the phone, the right friend will listen to the entire thing without making you feel bad (unless you call at a god awful time) but will instead try to help you make the right decisions or feel better in the moment.

They’re always there to listen to you without trying to hurt your feelings but rather advise you in a way that will encourage you to be more open-minded.

A good friend will never try to bring you down or make you feel bad about your past and present actions or feelings.

They will also never try to be too honest but instead find a kinder way to approach a subject.

They keep their word and your secrets

A friend who never takes back their word is definitely a keeper and someone you should always value. This person who promises to do something and follows through on their word is someone who you can rely on and trust no matter the situation.

If it’s the most embarrassing secret you have or the worst one you would have never told anyone if this person holds onto them without letting go, you’ve hit the jackpot and there’s really no need to worry if your friend actually likes you because chances are, they definitely like you quite a bit after knowing too much.                                   

They feel happy to see you

A friend who dislikes you won’t make much of pretense in trying to show you how happy they are to see you unless they truly are a fake friend.

When your friend is excited to see you or hear from you, there’s no doubt that they do actually like you. A true friend will never be happy to see you only when they need something from you.

Unless a friend only shows interest in you when they need a favor, you’d be better off without them.

They care about you immensely

The right friends will never leave you unnoticed. If you’re not feeling too good or something is weighing you down, you always know you can count on them to help you through it.

They’ll also never leave you to yourself unless stated so but if they see you visibly upset, you know they’ll be sure to find out what’s hurting you.

Even if they haven’t heard from you in a while, these kinds of friends will make an effort to check up on you to ask you if you are okay, how things are going in life, or want to listen to you when you need advice and support.

They’ll always try to find ways to make you feel better when needed, laugh at the silly things, and share the joyful moments with you.

They make you feel like part of their family

You will know for sure if your friends like you is when they introduce you to their closest family members.

A friend who is never ashamed to be with you will feel proud to show you off and make sure others know that you’re like family to them and vice versa.

If you feel like you can tell and share any experience with this friend and they do the same with you, then there’s really no need to worry if they like you.

They never leave you out of a gathering 

The right friends will always include you when there’s someplace to be and will always try to make you feel comfortable when you feel out of place but they will never encourage you to do anything that’s wrong or illegal.

If you find that your friends are always leaving you out from their trips or outings and never make an effort to include you in their plans, then sadly, these friends may not actually be best for you.

8 Signs of Friends Who Don’t Like You

signs your friends don't like you

Here are a few telltale signs that make it obvious when your friends don’t like you.

It’s not uncommon to have experienced almost all of these unfortunate events if not a few of them.

These will definitely help you discover if you’re with people who appreciate you or those that aren’t fortunate enough to see an amazing person:

  • They make you feel left out (private jokes/secret plans)
  • They’re unwilling to take pictures with you
  • You never get the invite
  • You’re always the last to know about news or hear it from someone else
  • They always find something to pick on you about
  • They never allow you to finish your train of thought
  • They visibly roll their eyes or laugh at you in your face
  • You never hear from them unless they want something

What’s The Next Step?

Whether you’re now discovering if your friends are actually real friends who like being around you or not, you may want to slow down before attempting to do anything drastic.

These tips should be used carefully in figuring out if your friends do like you, for instance, your friends may tick off for just one or two of the above, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they dislike you.

Each person may express their emotions differently than others and some find it difficult to portray their real feelings. Depending on how well you know this person, take some time to calmly think about these signs and watch carefully if they do apply to you.

Sometimes we may feel someone is being cold or harsh to us when in fact they just have their own problems. It might not have anything to do with you.

Reach out if you really like being friends with this person and find out what’s going on.

However, this by all means does not mean you need to be a walkover.

Although, if you discovered from these signs that your friends don’t like you and they were intentionally being bad or dismissive towards you, by all means, walk away for your own good.

There’s no good that comes from holding onto people who are just bad for you.

Focus your time and attention on building yourself up and the right people will find you.

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