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7 Types of People We Need In Our Life!

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The journey we tread in life sometimes reminds me of an obstacle course. I say this because as we walk the pathway through some of the trials and tribulations that God sets in our course, it brings me to a very interesting observation that I have experienced in my life. I could not help but ponder that the people we meet and the people we let into our private lives impact us in every possible way. What are the types of people we need in our life?

I believe that the types of people that every one of us should have in our lives are a determining factor as to the type of individuals we become. In fact, it is said by many great minds that we become the sum total of the five closest people in your life

Let’s explore this.

There are many types of people who will walk into our lives. I’ve been fortunate to meet many such individuals who were a pleasure to associate with.

Many of the individuals were highly successful people. Let’s be honest here, most of us crave to be successful in different walks of life, be it in our personal lives, business, our children, etc.

It is absolutely true that the company we share will definitely influence us as people.

The more time I spent around success-driven individuals, the more focus I placed on being successful.

I was inspired to be driven and focused on my own goals because I was surrounded by people who were constantly focused on improving their circumstances.

It had a profound effect on me and I developed a work ethic in my teens that have helped me create a life for myself and my kids from nothing.

None of that would have been possible if I didn’t believe in myself and focused on the necessary skills required to be successful in whatever capacity I could achieve.

I wanted to share this story with you because I want you to understand the importance of surrounding yourself with better people.

The wrong types of people can lead you down a path of depression, sadness, failure and loss.

You have to exercise extreme protection of your space.

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7 Types Of People To Have In Your Life

types of people we need in life, types of people to have in your life, types of people we need

In no particular order, I’m going to quickly summarize the traits to look for in the types of people we need in our life.

1. Always look to befriend people who are confident.

Confident people understand the importance of developing themselves and earning their own respect.

Ed Mylett says that confidence comes from keeping the promises we make to ourselves.

Because confident people are usually so accepting of themselves, they inspire others around them to be self-accepting and confident.

A great way to learn how to build self-confidence is to watch others who are confident and learn from them.

Pay attention to the way they speak about themselves and others, how they treat themselves and how they approach setbacks.

2. They should be honest and trustworthy.

Living dishonorably tends to breed destruction. I’ve seen people devolve and turn into deplorable individuals and it all started with simple white lies.

Surrounding yourself with honest and trustworthy people will provide you with a sense of security and safety, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

The last thing you want is to be surrounded by backstabbers.

In life, we all need someone who has our back through thick and thin.

The beautiful thing about honest and trustworthy people is that they have the moral basis or foundation to hold us accountable to the same standard they impose on themselves.

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3. People who are exciting and who will inspire you.

Life can get difficult.

You will face adversity and loss but in those times, it’s heartwarming and comforting to have people who add hope and joy to your life.

You need to have fun and sometimes, the best way to have fun is to be around exciting and inspiring people.

4. People who are attentive listeners.

These people are extremely encouraging, they will support you in all your endeavors.

One of the core needs of any human being is to be understood.

We fall in love when we feel understood. We develop bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood when we feel understood.

To feel understood, we must be heard.

When we are heard and understood, our natural inclination is to extend the same behavior to others.

This is why it’s important to have good listeners in your life.

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5. People who love you.

These are your cheerleaders who will be honest with you when you are wrong. Those are people who stand by you no matter what, they point out the problem but help with the solution too.

Their loyalty is unwavering.

These people will constantly watch your back and give you a place to call home with them.

If there’s one thing I know, love heals, even if love is the reason one experiences pain.

6. People that pray for you.

These are people who only want what’s best for you.

They pray for your success, health, and well-being.

Your happiness fills them with joy.

We need good energy and good vibes in our life.

I believe in God and I believe that prayers are a great asset in our life.

7. People who mentor us

Even as a child, I distinctly recall some of the people who will always be my greatest motivators, like my late grandmother who fought adversity with her limited education but went on to raise their children successfully into highly educated individuals.

These inspirational ladies used their culinary skills to embark on the journey of business by selling their savories to provide for their children, thus ensuring that as their business flourished, so too did their children.

This perseverance in the competitive culinary world is the first step into ensuring the success of a better future for themselves.

My school educators were some of the most inspirational, passionate people I have ever encountered in my life.

Being an extremely shy person, there were some of these teachers who exercised incredible tact in drawing out students, like myself and a few others, by helping strengthen our strong points, always encouraging us to try our best and motivating us to try new things.

Their unwavering passion to impart knowledge using sensitivity led many of us into dreaming big and chasing our goals.

These were the kind of people that I have found to help shape and mold me into the person I am.

Final Thoughts

These people play a pivotal role in our journey as they keep us grounded and remind us to stop and be grateful for all that we have.

We need people in our life who teach us to understand that the good and bad in life are all a part of our journey on Earth.

Successes and disappointments go hand in hand.

We should be strong and grasp all the joys in our achievements and dry our tears, pick ourselves up when we fall with any of the disappointments, and most of all, remind ourselves that disappointments are our learning experiences.

We must always journey onward.

So, friends, if we can recognize the beautiful people that walk through our journey with us, our choice in attracting the right type of people in our lives will only improve and enhance the quality of our life and inspire us as individuals to be the best version of ourselves.

In doing this, it’s my belief that as we constantly grow, emotionally, and intellectually, if we show utmost respect and helpfulness to others, we too can be a source of inspiration and motivation to all we have the privilege to encounter in the seasons of our life.

These are the types of people we need in our life.

I hope that this article helps you to find people like this and to become a person like this.

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