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Should Friends Be Honest With Each Other?

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should friends be honest with each other

There are many reasons why friends should be honest with each other however, there are a few cases when you should be careful when being honest with a friend.

However, does this mean friends should always be honest with each other? Absolutely. A friendship that encourages honesty is easier to maintain than those that are built on lies and false intentions. When friends are honest with each other, there’s no room for misunderstandings and problems can easily be resolved. Trust is the result of being honest which is necessary for forming a true friendship.

Being completely honest with someone else is a challenging task in itself but never truly impossible. Most relationships that last are usually built on honesty which makes it easier to trust and be loyal towards one another.

I’ve made it simple for you to understand why it’s necessary to be honest and including a few key pointers to help you be a more honest friend:

Why Honesty Is Important In Friendships

Building Trust Is Easier

Friends that lie to your face are those that you know it will be difficult to trust.

When friends can be completely honest with each other, it becomes easier to form a strong bond because you know this person inside out and who they are.

You trust them to the point where you know this person will never intentionally hurt you but rather will always be there for you.

These friends know your good, bad, and in between, there’s nothing you can hide from them and the feeling is mutual.

Honesty will encourage each person to be truthful rather than creating lies to cover up their true feelings.

When you are honest at all times, it allows you to clear up misunderstandings and for that person to know that you have never lied to them without a valid reason which makes it easier for them to trust you.

A Relationship Based On Lies Will Never Last

Building a friendship on honesty will always last longer than those that are built on lies.

The funny thing about lies is that the more often you do it, the lies will keep adding up, and eventually, the truth will be revealed.

The difference between honesty and lies is that even if the truth isn’t easy to hear, telling a lie will be harder to accept eventually and may even break a friendship completely.

However, with a truth that is painful can still be tolerated because that person knows you have no ill intentions to want to hurt them with the truth.

They will understand where you are coming from however with friends that are known to lie to each other, there will always be that doubt when it comes to trusting them with anything in the future.

It’s also difficult to share your troubles and secret with a friend who has lied to you on multiple occasions than those who were always honest with you.

You will always rethink if you should be telling this person a sensitive issue in case they are not honest with you.

Lies will always create doubt and make you wearier.

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They Will Help You Make Better Decisions

Loyal and honest friends are much better at trusting when it comes to giving advice.

They know everything about you and will be able to advise you accordingly or stop you when you are about to make a bad decision.

You know you can depend on each other to give advice that won’t harm you in any way or have any bad intentions towards each other in the way toxic friends do.

You’ll also be able to feel more confident knowing that your friend will never lead you astray or encourage you to do things that aren’t good for you.

It’s Easier to Be Loyal

Someone who you can be honest with and who is completely honest with you is easier to depend on rather than someone who tells lies.

You know for sure that this person will never betray you or spill your secrets and there’s doubt in telling them just about anything.

There’s also no chance for a friendship to be torn apart and being friends with someone who is honest is more enjoyable than dealing with the stress of being friends with others who are either toxic or fake.

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You Know Everything About Each Other

The most enjoyable fact about being in an honest friendship is that you know everything about each other, the good, the bad, and everything in between.

You know each other’s good points and flaws, including things that make you feel good or bad.

It’s easier to understand each other because of the trust and loyalty that is already built.

You know you can confide in each other no matter what the situation is and asking advice or support from that person is more welcome.

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Friends that are honest are liberating, even if the friendship isn’t completely perfect at times.

Sharing a secret with an honest friend is always more exciting than the doubt of having to tell a friend you are uncertain of.

Proceed With Caution When Being Completely Honest

Although there are many positives to being honest with each other at all times, there are a few cases when you should be careful when being completely honest with a friend.

This does not mean you should not tell your friend something because you feel they may hurt or mad at you.

Truths that can be extremely hurtful to that friend should be handled in a sensitive manner.

This could mean that you may want to use specific words or make the person feel that you aren’t coming from a bad place.

As long as you handle a potentially hurtful truth with care, there’s nothing to be afraid of because you know your friend will understand where you are coming from eventually even if they do get mad at you or hurt at the moment.

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Tips To Be More Honest With A Friend

Here are three tips you should remember when it comes to honesty in a friendship that will help you down the road:

1. Always Tell The Truth

Honesty is always encouraged even if the truth is sometimes painful to hear. If you have lied in the past, make sure to never repeat the same mistake again. An honest friend is better than one that tells half-truths.

2. Do not exaggerate

There’s no point in exaggerating a truth or straying away from the main point. Try to be as straightforward without hurting their feelings in the process or making the truth seem less or more intense than it really is.

3. Be sincere

The best approach is to be sincere when being honest with a friend. Try to be open to feedback but also encourage an open environment where you can discuss and find solutions to the problem or simply discuss something.

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